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Batfamily x Reader Sickly
Why is everything so blurry?
Why is it hard to breathe?
Every soft wheeze made your stomach hurt. Every action made you want to sink into your bed and be swallowed hole by the bed-sheets. Being sick was the worst and it didn't help at all that you were hot sporting a heavy fever too. It didn't take too long to figure it out by the searing heat and uncomfortable coughs. Even so you felt that the fever would come and go just as every fever did in the past. Even though this one was particularly worse than any previous fever you might have had... it would go... just like they all did. That's why you believed you didn't need any help.
You were a burden to your family in this condition.
"(Y/N)?" The voice calls out. It's hard to make out the face of the person calling you from half-closed eyelids but eventually you add a name to the figure hovering over your bedside. 

Where were you squirt? You
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 84 28
This Moment (Eren X Reader) Wedding!AU
~A/N: Listen to this as you read! You may need to replay it once or twice - ~
He nervously shuffled his feet, wringing his hands together as he stared down at the floor. His heart thudded against his chest at an uneven pace, sending waves of an indescribable feeling searing through his form. What was that emotion? Was it anxiety? Pride perhaps? Or overwhelming happiness?
Eren began straightening out the sleeves of his suit, uneasily licking his lips. He turned to the man beside him, furrowing his brows slightly. “Is it time yet?” he asked.
The man gave him a soft glare, crossing his arms. “Sir, the ceremony doesn’t start for another five minutes. She’ll be fine, I promise.”
Eren nodded absentmindedly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. “You nervous?” A voice called from behind him.
He glanced over his shoulder, taking a long sigh. “Yeah, Horseface, wouldn’t you be?” h
:icongreystream:Greystream 321 121
Wait For Me | Eren x Reader | AU
Listen as you read, if you like: [x]

And when it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

  A gentle, sorrowful smiles etched its way onto her tired face, as she ran her delicate fingers along the old photographs of cherished memories. In the small album,were memories of the times they spent together over the past years. The current page was open to one of him lovingly kissing her cheek as a goofy grin painted itself onto her features.
  It was hard. Having him gone for months one end, unsure of whether he was safe in the war zone he was currently fighting in. Fighting for his country. For her. 
  In her hand, a heart shaped locket cooled her warm palms as she held it to her heart before a shaky breath escaped her lips, internally praying for his safety like she always did. 
  Hoping he would once again
:iconmisaki-botchan:Misaki-Botchan 200 45
--Misconceptions-- Jealous!Eren x Reader [AU] [RQ]
—Misconceptions— Jealous!Eren x Reader [Modern!AU] [Request]
Another day of hard work is over. This is Eren’s favorite time of the day. He is ready to get home, and spend the rest of the night with you. Eren and you have been a couple for two years now, and living together for a year and a half. The last two years have been the best of Eren’s life. He couldn’t wait to get home to show you how much he appreciated you being in his life. All he had to do is open the door to the apartment, and he’d see your smiling face.
Eren opens the door, with a smile on his face. The smile soon fades. Eren was not greeted by your bright smile. He wasn’t greeted by anything bright at all. The apartment was pitch black.
He steps inside, and flips the light switch up, brightening the living room. It felt strange being in this quiet space all by himself. Where could you be this late at night? Were you asleep already?
Walking into the bedroom, the worst-case scenari
:iconpaprikamist:PaprikaMist 414 91
Misunderstandings {BertholdtxReader} [School!AU]
Bertholdt felt his cheeks heat up and looked away quickly as she looked up from what she’s writing and smiled at him. He’s embarrassed that ____ caught him looking at her even though he knows that she most likely thinks that he was looking down at the notes she’s hurriedly scribbling down about the project they’re working on. He wasn’t looking at the notes though, in fact he’s not even that sure what the project is about because the only thing he pays attention to in biology is her. She doesn’t know, of course, that Bertholdt has had a crush on her since he first saw her across the room in another class last year. If she knew, there was no way that she would have sidled up to him on the first day of semester and asked him to be her lab partner. Who would want to put themselves through all of that awkward? For the first couple of months of class, Bertholdt had had a theory that his best friend Reiner had paid her to get her to ask him so he
:iconstevie-writes:stevie-writes 238 42
Post Blue {Masky x Reader x Hoody} 01
The clouds are hanging low in the sky, gray and ominous as the wind seems to pick up, you hold yourself tighter in an attempt to maintain what little of body heat you had left and kept on staring straight forward, your skin is covered in goose bumps and every now and then you could feel the smallest drops of water hitting your skin. In a few hours, it will rain, you decide and even so, you make no attempt to stand up and walk away. No, you’d rather observe from the field the forest in front of you, ominously dark and somehow inviting, the trees oddly tall and branches that looked like grotesque long fingers waiting to catch the poor victim that it’s lured to them because of it’s somehow, charming, yet twisted nature.
You find yourself looking away for a moment, because they told you to not get near the place, it wasn't safe. But that in your eyes was bullshit, you were already risking it just being able to hold conversations with both, and yet they seem to get so nerv
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 177 32
Pose study6 by Kate-FoX Pose study6 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 34,191 833 Creepypasta Goretober Day 23 : Bruises by Alloween Creepypasta Goretober Day 23 : Bruises :iconalloween:Alloween 438 46 Back to Classic by Alloween Back to Classic :iconalloween:Alloween 512 32 Day 2: Eyes by Alloween Day 2: Eyes :iconalloween:Alloween 472 18 Masks by Alloween Masks :iconalloween:Alloween 859 63 Tim Drake by Haining-art Tim Drake :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 1,044 10
Reader Insert: The Princess Bride
Reader Insert: The Princess Bride
England x Reader
     What if the beautiful girl never became the princess bride?
     You put the worn letter to your chest and gasped as you cried silently, your tears slipping quickly down your cheeks.
     "...I am sorry to inform you of this grave situation.... He was killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts on his voyage on June 17...."
     Your body became numb as you let your thoughts wander to better times, hoping that this was all a horrid dream.
     You thought of the first time you met him. You had been ten years old when the twelve year old boy showed up on your family's doorstep, starving and in need of a job. His parents had been killed by pirates and he had been left by himself, a mere orphan, to carry on in this harsh time filled with starvation and diseas
:iconlittle-soka:little-soka 283 229
Cat fight by maskman626 Cat fight :iconmaskman626:maskman626 7,094 722 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation by maskman626 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation :iconmaskman626:maskman626 10,255 731
Jason Todd x Reader Sick to the Bone
Sick on your birthday? Seriously? - JT
(Y/N) groans and throws her phone at the wall. It wasn't like she could help getting sick. In fact, if she had the power to prevent ever getting sick, she'd use it all the time! No stupid virus or infection would ever get the best of her!
But unfortunately she knew that getting sick was for the better. After all, if no one got sick, would anyone ever really appreciate good health?
Her phone vibrates pathetically on the ground, and (Y/N) debates on whether she should get up from bed to pick it up or stay in bed.
The idea of staying in her bed and not doing anything was enough to prevent her from even moving an inch from under her covers.
Maybe it had just been her imagination, but the phone seemed to be vibrating a bit angrily now. It was shaking like a mad man, moving slightly on the floor with a sort of frustration that (Y/N) could relate to.
A few minutes of angry vibrating had passed, and finally the phone had quieted down. (Y/N) sighed
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Julia Hayes
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I had another DeviantArt account but I couldn't Verify anything so I had to make a new one to do so.
But anyway, I'm a total Attack on Titan Fan, my favorite is Levi and I do write fan fiction but I'd have to be asked to write one. More like requested to do one, I'm not a Levi X Petra fan more of a Levi X reader/Oc typewriter.
But if you like my work a lot then please favorite my work and follow me!!!!

I'm a total Eren X Levi fan as well.


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