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Post Blue {Masky x Reader x Hoody} 01
The clouds are hanging low in the sky, gray and ominous as the wind seems to pick up, you hold yourself tighter in an attempt to maintain what little of body heat you had left and kept on staring straight forward, your skin is covered in goose bumps and every now and then you could feel the smallest drops of water hitting your skin. In a few hours, it will rain, you decide and even so, you make no attempt to stand up and walk away. No, you’d rather observe from the field the forest in front of you, ominously dark and somehow inviting, the trees oddly tall and branches that looked like grotesque long fingers waiting to catch the poor victim that it’s lured to them because of it’s somehow, charming, yet twisted nature.
You find yourself looking away for a moment, because they told you to not get near the place, it wasn't safe. But that in your eyes was bullshit, you were already risking it just being able to hold conversations with both, and yet they seem to get so nerv
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Pose study6 by Kate-FoX Pose study6 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 34,097 823 Creepypasta Goretober Day 23 : Bruises by Alloween Creepypasta Goretober Day 23 : Bruises :iconalloween:Alloween 397 46 Back to Classic by Alloween Back to Classic :iconalloween:Alloween 489 31 Day 2: Eyes by Alloween Day 2: Eyes :iconalloween:Alloween 424 17 Masks by Alloween Masks :iconalloween:Alloween 804 63 Tim Drake by Haining-art Tim Drake :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 1,027 10
Reader Insert: The Princess Bride
Reader Insert: The Princess Bride
England x Reader
     What if the beautiful girl never became the princess bride?
     You put the worn letter to your chest and gasped as you cried silently, your tears slipping quickly down your cheeks.
     "...I am sorry to inform you of this grave situation.... He was killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts on his voyage on June 17...."
     Your body became numb as you let your thoughts wander to better times, hoping that this was all a horrid dream.
     You thought of the first time you met him. You had been ten years old when the twelve year old boy showed up on your family's doorstep, starving and in need of a job. His parents had been killed by pirates and he had been left by himself, a mere orphan, to carry on in this harsh time filled with starvation and diseas
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Cat fight by maskman626 Cat fight :iconmaskman626:maskman626 6,998 714 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation by maskman626 Mark vs Jack fighting clip (animation :iconmaskman626:maskman626 10,098 719
Jason Todd x Reader Sick to the Bone
Sick on your birthday? Seriously? - JT
(Y/N) groans and throws her phone at the wall. It wasn't like she could help getting sick. In fact, if she had the power to prevent ever getting sick, she'd use it all the time! No stupid virus or infection would ever get the best of her!
But unfortunately she knew that getting sick was for the better. After all, if no one got sick, would anyone ever really appreciate good health?
Her phone vibrates pathetically on the ground, and (Y/N) debates on whether she should get up from bed to pick it up or stay in bed.
The idea of staying in her bed and not doing anything was enough to prevent her from even moving an inch from under her covers.
Maybe it had just been her imagination, but the phone seemed to be vibrating a bit angrily now. It was shaking like a mad man, moving slightly on the floor with a sort of frustration that (Y/N) could relate to.
A few minutes of angry vibrating had passed, and finally the phone had quieted down. (Y/N) sighed
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 168 16
Texting Levi|Levi Ackerman x Reader
Texting Levi
Levi Ackerman x Reader
Sunlight glanced through the pale curtains of your window, catching your closed eyelids. Your eyelashes fluttered lightly as you opened your eyes, surveying your room. Same as the way it was before you fell asleep. Yawning, you swung your legs off the edge of the bed, sheets slipping off your lithe form as you proceed to prepare for the day. Coming back to your room just after, you pondered what to do, laying down on the haphazardly strewn sheets of your bed, arms crossed behind your head. A chime alerted your gaze to the phone, one eyelid reluctantly raising to acknowledge the noise. Normally, (F/n) (L/n) would ignore almost any morning text, that was just not her thing, texting so early? Sure it may be 11:30 but it's still early. Your eyelid closed once more halfway, lashes obscuring your vision, when your phone chimed again. And again. And again, "Goddammit, what the hell?!" Your fingers closed around the still-buzzing device, mind still wondering
:icondarksilverwings:DarkSilverWings 65 7
It's Going to be Okay (Jason Todd x reader)
     Jason sat on the couch watching the television. He was re-watching the X-Files while (Y/N) patched him up. He was told that he was getting too reckless in battle and Jason wanted to fix that. Though the fight with the thug was a little more than he bargained for.
     Once they had finish with the last bandage, Jason thanked them. "For what?" (Y/N) had spoken.
     "For doing this," he gestured to the bandage on his arm. "Every single night. I mean without you, I might be crawling back to the manor every day and, truthfully, I'm not ready for Alfred to scold at me."
     (Y/N) smiled and kissed Jason's forehead. "Sometimes Alfred needs to scold you. Because if he and I aren't here to keep you in check, who will?"
     Jason laughed and stood up. Stretching his back muscles, he let out a yawn. "Eh, I always have Roy."
     (Y/N) rolled their eyes and walked off to put the first aid kit back wh
:iconred-robin-yumm:red-robin-yumm 70 7
Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... by Hootsweets Pg1 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect... :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 7,667 327 Pose study9 by Kate-FoX Pose study9 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 23,593 333
Tiny Killer (Child!Pastas x Reader) Ch.8
Child!Pastas x Reader ch.8
It was dark outside and nearly everyone was asleep. Key word, nearly. You and Splendorman had somehow managed to put most of the murderous children to bed in their own rooms. There was, however, one child who refused to sleep. And that, dear reader, was Jane. Why she didn't want to go to sleep was beyond you. But you had an inkling that it had something to do with Jeff covering her blankets in mud, the little-ANYWAYS, here you stood, in the hallway, just staring at the filthy mess on her bed with a dead expression on your face. Jane stood beside you, wearing a black night gown and her white mask. The face on her mask held a neutral look, but you had a feeling that behind it she was absolutely livid.
You let out a giant sigh, looking down at her with tired _e/c_ eyes. Placing a hand on the top of her head you yawned, before then saying, "Come on, you can sleep with me."
She turned to you and you could tell that she was both shocked and confused, "Really?"
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Julia Hayes
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I had another DeviantArt account but I couldn't Verify anything so I had to make a new one to do so.
But anyway, I'm a total Attack on Titan Fan, my favorite is Levi and I do write fan fiction but I'd have to be asked to write one. More like requested to do one, I'm not a Levi X Petra fan more of a Levi X reader/Oc typewriter.
But if you like my work a lot then please favorite my work and follow me!!!!

I'm a total Eren X Levi fan as well.


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